Sunday, May 15, 2011

quick update :)

Im getting old, i am offically done with my freshman year of college! yuckk does that sound wierd to say! Now off to see what sophmore year has in store, i made CSI cheer again and im living in a 6 bed appt with some of the cheerleaders. Hopefully it will be a good year, we will see what it has in store :) this summer im lookin for a job. and in the future i dont really know what i want to do. welp thats all, hope everyoone is doin great (:

Friday, April 8, 2011


Well last time i wrote was when i was off to Cali for cheer comp! I had a blast there unfortunately we didnt come home with a win but we learned alot and are ready to tackle it next year,! :)

I feel like ive been travling everywhere lately cause right when we got home we had to take off again for boy basket ball, this time to KANSAS for NATIONALS! All the cheerleaders rode down on a bus for 24 hours straight none stop! luckily it went by fast and the trip down wasnt for nothing our boys brought home a FIRST PLACE TITLE!!!! :D :D It was sooooo exciting and i was honerd to be apart of it all.

Now it is back to reality, getting caught up in school has been pretty difficult but im getting there :) Im registering for next year now, such a stress trying to figure out what classes to take. Other then that everything has been going great! :)
<3 you!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Date night

Spent a great valentines day with Chace, i baked him a cake and got him some movies and candy, and he got me a giant teddy bear :D We went out to dinner with his brother and fiance to Tomatoes, and then watched a movie with them also. I still think vday is overrated, buut i still loved it (: hope everyone else had a great one. miss you all love <3

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

my life at the moment

Well back to school it is. Second semester has started and lets just say it is kicking my butt. Cheerleading is going great still (: i love it all but next year is going to be even better. School is ehhh. Dont really love it but hey gotta do it. My favorite class hands down is Ballet! i love that classs to death. i havent taken ballet since i was oh about 3 so its alot to learn but i love it. Biggest news i have right now is that i have a boy friend. His name is Chace Capps. I went to school with him, he was my prom date. i uploaded a gooofy pic of us. haha. uhm other then that my life is just the same as always...busy. (: Hope everyone is doing good. love you.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Family Update

Debi, She is doing great keeping busy with her new calling as a relief society teacher, her job, and taking care of all her kids :) she was feeling pretty sick today there is some crazy sicknesses going around jerome and twin, seems like everyone is coming down with something, she has a good immune system so hopefully it doesnt effect her too much.

Tim, is just the same as always haha he is working constantly on all his houses, bad time of year with all the frozen pipes :\

Me, well today has just kind of been a blahhhhhh day, i sat and played my video game for a while and then i went to my old highschool and watched the girls basketball beat minico, but the real reason i went was to watch my cheerleaders perform, i love them and going back really made me miss highschool and my life back then.. i guess i still just dont want to grow up, sometimes i wish i could rewind and live it all again, i know im not old but boy do i feel like everything is changing and moving so fast and i just cant seem to catch up. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day.

K.C. is doing better then ever, he got himself an appartment, he has a job at verizon helping, and he is about to start up college again. He is going to get his his teaching degree. a weird realization hit him the other day that me and him are going to get our degrees around the same time. Im very proud of him, he seems like he is really happy and eagger.

Brandi, She is doing good, being busy she has a part time job helping with old people. she seems to really be enjoying that and it seems like a really good job for her.

The Kids; I dont know much about how he is doing he is a chill laid back boy, he likes to go with the flow, he is in 7th grade and doesnt seem to be doing so bad. Jordan, oh goodness what am i going to do with this girl, she is such an accomplishing girl, she ALWAYS gives 110% and is constantly learning new things, she of course is loving school and is one of the tops in her class. last but not least our little sick boy Tyler, he had to be taken to the hospital last night because he had a high fever, he couldnt walk, and was throwing up. at first they thought it was his appendex but luckily they finally decided it was either food poisening or just a reallllly bad flu. Poor kid is always sick. They got him on his meds and his fever came down a little so hopefully he makes a quick recovery.

Love you all, thanks for reading :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

on a roll :)

welll im going to try to post more and more no promises tho, mostly because i dont really have anything going on in my life right now! Yesturday i spent most all of my day watching tv, not very productive but man was it nice and relaxing, it was a full marathon of my new favoright tv show called pretty little liars, I LOVE IT! Has anyone else seeen it?? uhm lets see Today one of my friends from California came down so we got to catch up. I havent played pool in oh about 8 years and i played against him and SCHOOLED him, if teaching doesnt work out looks like i may have a future in the billards industry ;) but one of the main things i want to post about is my room, i live in some appartments across the street from the college and my room for about 5 months has been BORING to say the least. But now i have been getting stuff to decorate it with and it is all coming together. I will be posting pictures of the progress so far, i cant wait to see the final product. I got a new bed spread for christmas and i LOVE it. my colors are black and white and sparlkles. hahaha for those who dont know im obsessed with sparkles! One of my fav new additions to my room is my dressers, we painted them all black and on the front of the drawrs we sprinkled sparkles and boy do they shine :) welp i guess thats all for now, hope everyone is doing good. love and miss you all. <3

Thursday, December 30, 2010

A new post...FINALLY :)

Hey everyone! I am finally a posting again, after getting nagged at by grandma i thought i had better post. Just kidding, love you grandma! well i dont really have much to say. I am on christmas break right now and i am loving it! cheerleading is going amazing, we just got done working on our Nationals ruitine which we will be preforming in disney land in february!I am really excited to go to California, hopefully i can be able to live there someday. I am finished with my first semester of college, wasnt too good but i got done. hahaha. I am really excited about next semester cause i get to take a ballet class and a photography class!! Well that is about it, i am going to include some pictures or christmas and stuff. Ill try to get on more offten! Love you all.